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Healthcare/Insurance Industry Specific Skillset

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Healthcare/Insurance Industry Specific Skillset

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Job description

  • Knowledge of health insurance domains and processes including but not limited to claim processing, plan product & benefits (offerings), clinical management, pharmacy eligibility processes, PBMs, provider & provider networks, member 360 view etc.
  • Experience in crafting domain models for each line of business like offering, member, provider, claims, clinical etc.
  • Experience in solution patterns based on domain models for both real-time and batch integration.
  • Strong knowledge of HIPAA and PII/PHI and corresponding security measures needed for the same in the solution design.
  • Knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid compliance for all CMS government sponsored health plans.
  • Knowledge of various healthcare industry segments like individual, group plans including small groups, middle markets, nation accounts, self-insured, fully insured plan types.

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